Welcome to a new reality - Hybrid Events

When the covid pandemic appeared, none of us really anticipated the impoact it would have on our way of life. Suddenly, because we couldnt meet face to face with other people, we became dependant on video calls and streaming. Emloyers have opened the gates to work from home and it is universaly accepted that this will contine after the pandemic.

Because of the way we have all adjusted, the wide consensus of events professionals hold that the trend will continue long after the 2020 pandemic becomes just a bad memory and that integrating Live Event Streaming and Video Conferencing into venues and public spaces is not just eseential for thier recovery but for long term survival of the entire sector.

Almost all events from now on will include Streaming and Video Conferencing for exactly the same reason, survival, so now is the time to wake up to that fact and get tooled up so not to be left behind and trampled on.

Sadly many busnesses have closed thier doors permenantly, and most of those who have survived so far havent had the chance to trade so in reality the big question;

Is now really a good time for infrastructure investment?
The answer: Yes. This is exactly the right time. recovery will be impossible without.

Thats why our compact easy to use broadcasting instalation for hybrid ready venues are a no brainer, they are low cost, bespoke to your budget and simple to operate. In short, the best value for money solutions available.



Virtual TV Studio

With the right cameras and easy to use control systems, we can get you streaming live by pressing just 1 button.

With a permenant installation of easy to use High End broadcast equipment, your event space suddenly becomes a fully functional broadcasting studio for a cost so low, you'll wonder what all the fuss made by AV companies is about.


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Theatres and Live Music have really been hit hard by the pandemic, Live streaming being their only outlet.

Now that everyone is used to streamed live entertainment, there are tickets to be sold for both live and virtual shows with the ability to reach a much bigger audience than before.


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With more and more people working from home and relying on video conferencing and with virtual classrooms also becoming the norm,

Multi-Camera Video Conferencing has become essential for a professional presence and will continue to take over all forms of live presentation, supported by on-line live recordings long after the event.


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