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PROFESSIONAL Multi Camera Video Streaming & Broadcast Systems

Permanently installed into your venue to enable Video Conferencing, Live Streaming & Hybrid Events


   Q: Why Install in-house Multi Camera Video Broadcast Capability?

   A: Streaming has become the new standard for future events.

The Event Industry has dramatically changed and is continuing to change.

The Covid Pandemic has forced event professionals and agencies to recognize there are new and exciting ways of communicating messages through live streaming and broadcast, increasing audience reach and allowing participation in events from all around the globe.

All agree the future of events lies in Hybrid Events.


Bringing in Multi-Camera high performance broadcast capability services on a one off event basis is expensive – up to £10K+ for a medium sized event.


Installing Professional Full HD (or higher) Multi Camera Video into your venue will save your clients money, provide the highest spec capability and broaden the offer of your venue to corporate clients, agencies and production houses.


Hybrid Audio Visual  have identified the most flexible and cost effective  A1AV-HDMCV systems for you to do just that.


A1AV-HDMCV systems gives you:

  • Small, Neat & Tidy system.
  • Easy to Use
  • Standalone system
  • Remote Camera Control - no need for camera men
  • Powerful Image Manipulation & Audio Processing
  • 4 (or more) Cameras & a PC + holding slide
  • Professional Sound Quality
  • High End Processing
  • Simultaneous Multi-input Live Recording
  • Multiple Platforms Streaming
  • Future Proof
  • Easy One Button Streaming



Your new in-house system could have the capability to stream through a computer or network or even stream direct to YouTube or another platform of preference without the need for any interface with the ability to plug directly into any network or router or even connect wirelessly.

The system could be upgraded to be completely standalone and not require any uplink connection point - perfect for streaming live events or as a professional backup.



The one button live feature make A1AV HDMCV specified systems ideal for unskilled user operation.

This system is very easy to operate and control at a basic level.

Once set up for you, this system in standalone mode allows the user to press just one single button to automatically go live and be streaming to the world. It is quite literally that simple and also very easy to switch between each camera or computer input with a big button to press to make easy selection.

The Right Kit for YOU

Your venue and events are unique

Thats why we listen carefully to you

so we can provide the perfect system for your budget


HYBRID AV systems can allows for a computer (or any other playback device or switcher) to be connected to it so it can play a holding slide, a presentation, a video etc at a touch of a button, External sound inputs from mixing consoles and support 3, 4 8 or more high end professional comeras... they can even hold a holding slides or grophics internaly, handle green screen, graphics and titling.....


  • Ch1 - Camera
  • Ch2 - Camera
  • Ch3 - Camera
  • Ch4 - Camera/Computer/Switcher.
  • Slides
  • Titles
  • Audio Mixing Console

Yesterdays Technology


Technology has come a long way in recent years giving us incredible power in tiny packages. For the advanced user, there are tools within software with hardware to manipulate and adjust an image on each feed  to reccognised top end professional standards with flexibility and digital processing capabilities to match.

For the basic user, Fades, Wipes, etc and other transitions are very simple operations to perform, You will quickly discover how to load a holding slide into the memory, advanced professional transitions, PiPs, titling, logo watermarking and green-screen capacities for the advanced user along with macro & library capabilities which are so simple to learn, you’ll soon discover that this truly is a powerful professional broadcast system worthy of any TV studio.


The system software can contain high end audio mixing and advanced signal processing features.

An audio feed could input from any external system such as a Mixing Console, Radio Microphone, Computer etc to give the flexibility and top end professional quality of sound that makes a real difference to the overall quality of the broadcast. The most vital part of streaming which often gets overlooked.



As a basic package, our proposed system allows for 1 way streaming -  perfect for a live event or theatrical performance.

With additional VC upgrades, this system is also perfect for integrating for a 2 way Video Conference, a Hybrid event or as a complex Video Conferencing package.


Simultaneous Multi Channel Video, Multi-Channel Audio & Master Output live recording direct to internal SD card or hard drive or camera whilst streaming, so giving the opportunity to edit in post-production each and every aspect of the live stream after the event, or just post a recording of the actual stream immediately after the event (or even section by section during)


You can even simultaneously stream to multiple platforms at the same time including, Youtube, Skype, Zoom or Teams or any other platform of choice etc...


  • We offer a wide choice of the highest spec cameras and will advise on which type of camera is right for your venue, taking into account purpose, function, physical size budget and quality eg Full HD or futureproofed Ulta-Ultra HD. hidden, fixed, etc.


  • Depending on the camera you choose, there may be control capability to control each camera remotely either from the software or the control surface or dedicated controller which in some cases has a small built in screen for each camera so you can see each movement exactly, or via separate dedicated monitoring displays, essentially meaning there is no need for camera operators.

  • We can install static cameras, fully automated or manually operated roaming cameras, or even a mixture of camera types making this a truly bespoke package

"we firmly believe that the impressive 'HYBRID AV ' video Broadcast Systems wil add value to any venue business - at an affordable cost, in fact, we'd go so far as to suggest it's an industry game changer"  Mike Kershaw 


Straightforward easy to use Controls and small footprint both physically and in budget make A1AV HDMCV systems perfect for permanent installation into any venue or mid-sized event space, viable to be used in a much larger space and are completely bespoke to your needs.


System uses could include:

Hybrid Events, Music Events, Conferences, Seminars, Theatrical Performances, Sales & Marketing Presentations, Lectures, Awards Presentations, Weddings, Church Services, Corporate Events, Virtual TV Studios and Production Facilities and more. 


The camera selection you can choose from supports resolutions of full HD, Ultra 4K HD. and of 6K and above, ensuring that; as host support improves to allow reliable higher resolution stream capacities, your systems can be specified to keep up with the times and meet the needs of yur venue well into the future.


Welcome to the Future