Expand your capabilities and reach


Virtual TV Studio

Setting up a virtual live TV studio is no different to setting up your event space.

Let us turn your event space into an internet TV broadcast studio with the power to process lower thirds, logo's & titles, high quality audio and many other professional features you would only expect to find in a professional studio such as green screen FX and image manipulation.

With professional broadcast equipment comes the ability to produce highly professional results

Content Sharing & Multi Platform Compatibility

Video Conferencing

 If its just a basic Video Conferencing system you need, we can provide that for you, but have you considered exploring new possibilities with a broadcast quality Multi Camera VC setup capable of working alongside your existing systems or as a completely new way of working. 

Video Conferencing systems can also become multi camera broadcast systems which have the ability to share complicated contents and still be compatible with services like Zoom, Teams, Skype, Facebook, YouTube,,                          and all at the same time......

Streaming out to multiple platforms simultaneously can be quite simple with the right equipment. Just a single button press can sometimes be all that's needed when the system is set up for you.

Small can mean Powerful


Not all systems are overly complicated or take up lots of space.

Advanced Features and capabilities of small professional devices not only have a small footprint, , they can be simple to use for the basic operator to the point where minimal or even no training is necessary.


We can often make cameras and systems invisible to the live audience so they don't even know it's there sending out top professional results to a virtual audience.