Tip of the month

Good Hybrid & Virtual Event Planning

Virtual Ticket Sales

The cost of bringing in an external AV service provider for a temporary event is in the mid term is just not cost effective. The expense can often put event organisers off planning the event. So, when you can offer an in-house system that ticks all the right boxes with top quality production editing, streaming, video conferencing etc, you have a better service to offer and are more attractive to potential clients, therefore more likely to secure bookings.

For your own in-house events, these systems can be set up to work with tickets systems that ensure only paying on-line ticket holders can watch virtually & from only one device to avoid ticket sharing.

Virtual is the new norm

Hybrid AV Event Production is the new future

There's nothing more attractive to clients than a great venue with great in-house facilities & equipment to secure bookings.

(with exception maybe to friendly staff and good food).

we hope you find this months tip useful